Sunday, July 28, 2013

Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea? (Part 2)

By me :)

I went to Nautical Nonsense: A Tribute to SpongeBob SquarePants at Gallery Nucleus. Along with great art pieces, which you can see in my previous post, the exhibit had little activities for the children guests. I had fun drawing a face for SpongeBob and pinning on his pants!

Who Lives in a Pineapple Under the Sea?

Paintings above, and the two below, are by Peter Bennett
Check out those nips

Spongebob, Patrick & Sandy by Becky Dreistadt and A Sponge Among Sponges by Graham Annable
Spongebob and Patrick's Biggest Fans by Jeff Victor and Spongebob 2-Step by Eric Comstock
Duel with Death by Kit Joyce. It's woodcut (super cool).
Square Pants Coat of Arms by Sean Chao and Saul Shaw. Best Day Ever by Daniele Volpart.
By Jared Andred Schorr
Unknown and Squarionette by Alex Kirwan
  Pincer Lickin' Good by Felt Mistress
E=MC²Pants by Eric Diaz

I went to yet another amazing exhibit at Gallery Nucleus. So many talented artists put their work on display to show their love of the hit show, Spongebob Squarepants. The gallery also had little cute activities such as catching paper jellyfish and drawing Spongebob's face. I will post pictures of those on another post, because I feel like this one is getting rather long.

That is all...

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

LACMA: Stanley Kubrick Exhibit (Sorta NSFW)

All the different lens used in Stanley Kubrick's films

Sarah and I went to Los Angeles to see the Stanley Kubrick exhibit at LACMA. The exhibit had different songs from various soundtracks of Stanley Kubrick's movies playing, so I really felt immersed in his dark and interesting world. We also explored the other exhibits and I wanted to share this painting:

It basically defines how I feel about...everything.

That is all.

Monday, March 25, 2013

Wizard of Oz

For the past couple of weeks, I had been helping my (former) fourth grade students with their school play, Wizard of Oz. They were so darling, and I miss being a student teacher in their classroom.