Saturday, October 9, 2010

Only The Young

Yesterday Sarah and I went shopping and then saw the movie, Never Let Me Go. We went to an "anti-mall" called The Lab. I like this place, but parking here is a little difficult. I was able to find a spot, but I ended up parking retarded. So of course I had to back out to fix my car. Of course as I am about to do that, two guys get into the car next to mine. So, I decided to wait for them to back out before I do. Sarah and I sit in my car waiting for them to leave and I pretend to be busy so it doesn't look like we're waiting on them. All of the sudden Sarah nonchalantly says, "Well, you can back out now, cause they're just making out."

Wait, what?

I look over and oh my goodness she is not lying.

Eventually I fixed my parking, though it was still bad. All this was basically a waste of time, because Sarah and I didn't buy anything from that place anyways. The only fun thing was looking at the book of awkward family photos.

Afterwards we went to South Coast Plaza (an hour before closing, because we are cool like that). We went to Sephora and I got some lip stuff. Sarah couldn't stop trying all the eye shadows on her hand, so her hand got very colorful. She said she should stop touching stuff as she continued picking up handful of items in the sale section. Then we went to Bath and Body works where Sarah couldn't stop smelling everything, because she is awesome.

Afterwards, we went to go see Never Let Me Go. Which is such a sad movie. I liked it, but afterwards I was left with such a sad and depressing feeling that I don't know if I would want to see it again. It's not that I don't like sad films, but this contained such depressing themes. I like films like The Curious Case of Benjamin Button. It was a sad movie, but when it ended I felt content. This movie just made me feel sad for the characters and their lives. On a positive note, I like the actor and actresses in the movie and their outfits. So it was good on a visual note.

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