Saturday, April 21, 2012

     Last Wednesday, Nasty Gal threw a party in Los Angeles to celebrate the relaunching of their website. Yeah, that does sound like an odd reason to throw a party, but the clothing company started from a single person selling clothes on eBay and now they are now a successful online retail store. I think they have the right to celebrate whatever the heck they want.
     My friend, Priscilla, and I decided to attend the party. So here are some pictures!

     Some of the alcohol at the bar ran out quickly, so they stopped handing out free drinks. Priscilla and I had to resort to free beer. But hey, free beer is good beer.
      I saw a lot of cute outfits and more importantly, awesome shoes! I felt too weird asking people for pictures, so I just took them secretly (yeah, like that's not creepy at ALL).
     The rest of the photos were taken with my friend's camera.

Doesn't that guy have the best eye wear ever? My friend and I had to take a picture with him, haha.
     I'm wearing a maxi dress from Urban Outfitters and shoes from Jeffrey Campbell, but you can't really see them well in any of the photos...SAD. I forgot to ask my friend what she was wearing. Btw, I spy a pair of cute Jeffrey Campbells in the background!
     Last picture from the night. No, that is not a cigarette. It's those terrible candies that look (and maybe taste) like chalk. I was only eating them because I was hoping that the horrid taste would wake me up.

That's is all.

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