Sunday, August 12, 2012

OC Fair

I went to the OC Fair last Thursday with my friends Lizette, Marvin, and Wilmer. Boy oh boy was the weather stupid and hot! I wore an Ice King temporary tattoo to help keep my head cool.
There was a really cute piece made of various fabrics. My favorite part is the birds eating french fries. Although I thought they were eating a severed hand at first. Also, I was an idiot and forgot to take note of the artists' names. Sorry!
 Reminds me of the scene from Alice in Wonderland when she is falling down the Rabbit hole.
One of my favorite pieces: a play on the virgin Mary. Lace was used to make her halo and to surround the hole she has on her chest.
Another one of my favorites: Freudian Whip by Austyn De Lugo. I assume that the title is a play on the phrase Freudian slip. The background is created by pages of a book by Sigmund Freud.
Marvin, Lizette, and Wilmer's (the three on leftmost side) friend really wanted that blue penguin prize, so he paid for six of his friends to play for him. Yes, he did end up getting it.
I went on Crazy Coaster, even I hate roller coasters, because I miss Disneyland and it reminded me of Molholland Madness Goofy's Sky School.

That is all.

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